Saturday, August 30, 2008


Namaste, as I understand it, can mean "hello" or "good-bye." While its literal meaning is close to "I bow to you," it is actually a more profound greeting along the lines of "the divine spark in me recognizes the divine spark in you." The word was also the name of Edmond's only Indian restaurant. Owned and run by Yamini Jonnada and her family, Namaste served wonderful food -- Jack was addicted to their lamb korma and I dream about their spinach pakora -- along with great helpings of warmth and charm. Tonight was their last night. I saw an item to that effect in the paper this morning. Jack and I were dismayed when we got to the door and saw a note that said "Closed for private party. All welcome." The message was confusing but when we went in and asked, we were invited in. The family had prepared a marvelous buffet for any of their customers who came by. "No charge, we're closed," we were told. What a gracious way to say "Namaste." We enjoyed our meal, though it was seasoned with sadness. Yamini says they hope to find another location and will be catering in the meantime. So if you want some marvelous Indian food for your next party (and you're in the central Oklahoma area), call 405-326-3647. I'll let you know when a new restaurant opens.


Laxmi Aruzil said...

How sad. They did truly amazing food. Any chance they'll have reopened by my visit to Edmond in October (she asks hopefully)?

Libba said...

My favorite translation is, "My inner light salutes your inner light."