Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh my gosh, this guidebook thing is consuming my life!!!! I haven't had time to blog or check anyone else's blog. So here's a quickie. Jack and I made a research trip to Tulsa last Friday and I found a treasure. It's no big secret -- lots of people know this -- but, just in case you, like I, hadn't tried it. Here are directions. Go directly to the Palace Cafe on the northeast corner of Cherry Street (15th) and Peoria. Food -- fantastic. And, best of all, there were some great choices for light and healthy eating. I hate to say that because, in the past, I would shy away from those selections because the usually tasted .... well, light and healthy. I have for the past three months been seriously Weight Watchering. As opposed to the years before when I was casually weight watchering and not losing anything. Now here comes this guidebook project and at least three dozen restaurants to check out and I'm feeling a bit panicked. If they were all like the Palace Cafe, I'd be in like a porch-climber! Can't say enough about presentation, taste, portion -- Chef James Shrader has it all. He also has dishes that will harden your arteries upon reading them on the menu. And I'm sure they taste great. But if you're like me and you enjoy eating out and you don't enjoy feeling deprived -- this is a great place to go. They're open for lunch Tuesday through Friday from 11 to 2; dinner Tuesday through Saturday, 5 to 10 and Sunday brunch from 9 to 2.

Photo: Shrimp Spring Rolls with Asian slaw

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wild Week

Oh, my, what a week! Deadlines were coming out of my ears -- articles on the OKMozart festival in Bartlesville, the Norbeck Scenic Byway in South Dakota and munching my way through Fredericksburg, Texas. And Monday night, grandson Calvin competed in a speech contest sponsored by the Edmond Rotary Club. Of course I'm biased but I'm also right. He was the best. He'll be competing in the district contest in April. Needless to say his grandfather and I were proud!

Then I got a call from an editor about a guidebook to Tulsa. I'm going to do it but it scares the foo out of me -- more words than I've ever written and of course, it was due yesterday! I'm going to have to learn everything there is to know about Tulsa from the attractions and restaurants to the schools, senior facilities and yoga classes and bus schedules! Recommendations are welcome!

And last night was a great night out for Valentine's Day.

Oh, I forgot. We had a tornado. It clipped the northwest corner of Edmond -- no where near us -- but a sad week for many in the state. The weather was wonderfully warm -- part of the creation of the storm. It's gotten cold again, which I hate, but at least we're safer.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lemonade award

I really appreciate getting a "Lemonade Award" from Donna at! This is supposed to reflect a blog with "attitude and/or gratitude." Now I'm supposed to nominate at least eight blogs I follow for the citrus-y honor. I had a real problem putting the logo on my site -- part of the instructions that came with the award. I tried for days -- even enlisted Jack who, for all his years with IBM and teaching MIS at OU, couldn't do it either. Today I turned the problem over to daughter Zoe in England. She did it in a manner of minutes! I don't know how, so don't ask. She's such a whiz at computers! Anyway, now I have it on here and I'm supposed to list my eight. This is going to take a little time because apparently Donna and I like a lot of the same blogs! So stay tuned, I promise to make my list within the week.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Looking for Adventure?

I was working on my article about Grand View Lodge and called Maury Duval for a few details. He's the one who took us dog sledding. Our rides were short and lots of fun but nothing compared to the trips he plans for people with more time, more money and more of an adventurous streak. He takes groups of up to nine people on combo dog sledding/winter camping treks to what he refers to as "the boundary waters." The excursions start from Ely in far north Minnesota and go up to the Canadian border. "We see wolves, moose, mink, eagles, otters and occasionally the elusive wolverine and we ice-fish for lake trout," he told me. "Our camping equipment is tested to minus 60 degrees so we stay warm. And we have great meals -- some outfitters just take cans of stuff like Dinty Moore stew. We have steak for dinner and" fresh baked biscuits with sausage gravy for breakfast." He suggests that first-timers take a two-day/one night trip to make sure they enjoy it. For others, he'll arrange longer outings. Talk about getting away from it all. This is an opportunity to travel in virgin territory. Sounds like an amazing opportunity. If you're interested, contact Maury Duval, All-American Sleddog Kennels, 218-828-4665.