Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Mother Blister

Okay, this is just nasty! But I'm curious as to whether anyone else out there has had this reaction to a shingles shot. I had a shingles shot just over two weeks ago. My arm was red and itched for a number of days. It was okay for long enough that when I got an itchy bump on the spot, I assumed it was a bite. Well, guess what. If it was a bite, I'd hate to see what did it. I have a blister the size of a dime and it looks like one of those bubble wrap bubbles. It has several baby bubbles around it. The area around it is pink and slightly itchy. It doesn't hurt. But it looks awful -- like a bladder growing on my arm! I've checked the internet for shingles shot reactions and can't find anything like it. And, of course, I'm a thousand miles away from my doctor. It doesn't hurt and I keep thinking it will get smaller, but it's making my friends very nervous.

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Libba said...

I think the salt water will do it good! Why don't you just go ahead and pop the mother blister?