Sunday, October 07, 2012

Argegno -- A+

Jack and I just got home earlier this week from two weeks in Italy capped off by a four-day visit with daughter Zoe and son-in-law Simon in Argegno on beautiful Lake Como.  I'm not caught up -- barely uploaded my photos, let alone sorted them  But Zoe and Simon are still in Italy and Zoe is dinging me to update this blog -- so, Zoe, this is for you -- even though this is only a teaser and I'm starting at the end of our trip rather than the beginning!

Zoe and Simon found our B & B two years ago on a trip they made.  It's in the little town of Argegno (Are-gin-yo) on the west side of the west leg of Lake Como.  Owned by artist Paul Wright and his partner Nicole Andrew, it is perched on the side of the mountain and features the spectacular view of the lake you see above.

Perched is the right word -- I wish I'd had wings to get up the stairs, 87 of them from street level to the level of our room. 

The whole B & B had balconies stretching across the front of each level.  Our room had a smaller balcony with a view up the lake.  I loved the sleek, contemporary style of the B & B and enjoyed Paul's artwork on our walls.  You can see one of Paul's watercolors of a lakeside village on one wall and his colorful collage above the bed.

I'll be writing more (and sharing more photos) in the future but for now I'll close with a shot of one of our favorite restaurants and one showing the reason it was good that I had to climb those stairs so many times!

This is the wonderfully tasty Quattro Formagi pizza at the Hotel Argegno.  It's topped with taliggio, gorgonzola, fontina and mozzarella cheese.  Yum!  Many thanks to our favorite waiter Lorenzo Carrer for great food and super service.