Friday, August 01, 2008

Finding Adventure in Kansas

When Bev and I drove from Wichita to Pittsburg, we stopped in Chanute to visit the Osa and Martin Johnson Museum. If you're younger than I am, you may ask, "Who are Osa and Martin Johnson?" If you live in a larger city, you may connect the names with a new chain of stores being opened by American Eagle Outfitters -- Martin + Osa. Martin and Osa were adventurers and wildlife photographers. They pretty much invented the wildlife documentary and even pioneered product placement. They traveled to Africa and the South Seas to photograph primitive peoples and wildlife -- all the while looking spiffy in their safari outfits. They were movie stars with people flocking to theaters to see their films. Both Martin and Osa grew up in Kansas, traveled the world, and brought the world to small-town America. This is a cool, little museum and definitely worth a stop.

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