Thursday, August 28, 2008

Like a Rat in a Trap....

Rocky showed up at 4:00 yesterday afternoon -- getting to be like clockwork. I put Roxie in her crate -- didn't want another broken window. Jack had gotten the squirrel trap out of the attic and I put dogfood in it. I went back later only to discover that Rocky had moved the trap -- the dog food fell through the bottom -- and had cleaned up the food. Imagine my surprise when Jack came in this morning and said that Rocky was in the trap. Poor little guy! But he made very large, very ugly noises when we carried it to the car. He pretty much filled the trap and we weren't sure he could turn around. I'd called animal control but they couldn't say when they'd pick him up and I didn't want him spending any more time in the trap than necessary, so Jack and I took him to the woods close to Lake Arcadia. Always prepared, I had a pair of needle-nosed pliers and a 7-iron. Jack got the door open easily (no need for pliers) but Rocky didn't seem to catch on. Jack picked up the trap and tried to dump him out, but he clung to the bottom of the cage. We set the cage back down on the ground and, using the golf club, I tipped it up a bit. Rocky figured it out and scampered away, but, oh, the language he used as he headed for the trees would probably get him bleeped on Animal Planet. My biggest concern now -- I hope he was an only child!

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Laxmi Aruzil said...

You just couldn't have waited another 6 weeks so I could have seen him!?!

(By the way, for readers who aren't my immediate family, I'm very proud of my parents for their consistent use of live traps and their concern for the comfort of their "guests." When we had a family of mice living in the kitchen cabinets, we even got clever little live traps for them. Just don't ask Mom about the trips to let the little critters out ...).