Friday, August 15, 2008

Malibu Moment

Paradise Cove is a privately owned stretch of beach with a long-time, local favorite restaurant and a nice curve of sand. For those old enough -- and willing to admit to watching a lot of TV -- the only thing missing is Rockford's trailer. Yes, this is where the Rockford Files with James Garner was set. Lin and I walked along the firm sand at the water's edge -- getting our pants legs wet when the waves came in farther than we expected. It was a great scene, with small children jumping and playing in the water and would-be surfer dudes waiting for the giant rollers that never came. Dinner was excellent -- we ate outside with our feet in the sand. The clam chowder was, if not the best I've ever eaten, a top contender. Everything else was wonderful, too, and by meal's end we were stuffed as any well-prepared flounder. About that time we watched a dessert go by. I tackled the waiter, requesting a photo before it was served. Honest to goodness -- cake on steroids! I'll count the layers when I get home and see the photo (which I'll post here later) but imagine a couple of layer cakes stacked on top of one another (not your dinky 8-inchers, either) then cut in thirds. That was about the size of it. And who ordered this gargantuan goody? Three skinny women. Life is definitely not fair!
P.S. In case you're wondering about the big-momma blister -- I went to a walk-in medical clinic yesterday. The doctor doubted my diagnosis of shingles shot reaction but had no alternative theories to offer. The nurse lanced all eruptions, slathered neosporin on a bandage and covered the whole thing up. I plan to leave it that way until the bandage rots and falls off -- the way I deal with anything smacking of yucky.

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Libba said...

Isn't James Garner one of your tub-worthies?

Sounds like California is a I'll just pray your arm doesn't rot and fall off :-)