Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weight Watcher Woes

Just when I thought I had it all figured out.... Before I left for the Dallas press trip I went online and checked the menus for each restaurant listed on the itinerary. I carefully chose the items I would order so that I could enjoy myself without a big set-back on my weight watching. What I didn't figure into the equation was the generosity of our host, Ray Hammer, the general manager of the downtown Sheraton Dallas Hotel, and his amazing staff. Instead of us ordering off the menus, each meal was a lavish banquet of multiple delicacies. Executive Chef Michael Braun, Executive Sous Chef David Smith and others spared no time and effort to create food so beautiful and flavorful that I was powerless to resist!

The top picture shows the array of breads, rolls and mini-smoothies on each breakfast table and the second picture shows two of the entrees -- a hand pie filled with chorizo and eggs and topped with ancho gravy and a bagel crisp with Texas goat chees, asparagus, peppered bacon and truffle oil. I passed on the Red Mill steel-cut oatmeal baked in an organic apple with honey drizzle, the other bagel crisps topped with Dallas mozzarella with grape tomato relish and pickled red onion or house smoked salmon with micro greens and chili cream and the frittata!

Dinner that night started with major appetizers. You can see from this picture how artfully everything was presented. And, believe me, I'm only showing you a fraction of the feast! On the left is beet gazpacho, in the center crudites with cocktail sauce, and on the right, traditional gazpacho.

I can't remember how many entrees were prepared. This is the lobster mac and cheese like momma never made.

Executive Sous Chef David Smith (from Dublin with an accent to die for) is preparing mini-tenderloins with mushrooms and blue cheese.
This picture of me below is from the first night in Dallas -- when I still had a modicum of dietary decorum. I lost it shortly thereafter. My last morning at the hotel, I had breakfast on my own and ordered an egg-white omelet full of good veggies. The omelet was great. It was too late