Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Partnerhood of the Traveling Pants

Caution: No picture accompanies this entry. Viewing such an image could be hazardous to your sense of humor!

I don't know what possessed me -- I HATE COLD WEATHER -- but I've accepted an invitation to go to Minnesota in January. Well, I actually do know what possessed me. I need a great winter story and the pictures of Grand View Lodge plus the list of activities -- dogsledding, sleigh rides, ice fishing, skiing and snow tubing, snowmobiling and an elegant spa for unwinding -- looked irresistible. So I had to break down and find some insulated pants. They arrived just in time for our bitter cold snap and I came home from walking the dog yesterday morning (it was 16) absolutely toasty. Here's the bad news. Pants big enough to go over my butt are made for people 7 feet tall -- I'm just 25 inches short of that. Talk about a roll-up! And here's worse -- Jack wore them when he walked the dog yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, they looked better on him. Here's a visual for you -- if it snows on me when I'm bundled up in my new ski pants and my down coat, I'm going to look like a walking igloo! But I'll be warm.

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Margo said...

You are such a tease.