Thursday, December 11, 2008

Calgon, Take Me Away

I was shivering at my desk yesterday when I got a cruelty email from Padre Island. It was reminding me that South Padre is a real bargain, warm and where I want to be. Yes, they occasionally have a cool day this time of year but all in all it's a great nesting place for snowbirds. And for birders -- from South Padre over to McAllen are some of the best birding spots in the country. Dolphin tours are popular and New Year's fireworks are a real blast. Check out their web site at In the meantime, I'll just grab another blanket and pretend that freezing my butt off will make me thinner!


Libba said...

I miss you. And heart you. And still need your zip code!

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Let us know if that "freezing your butt off" diet works or not.

Elaine Warner said...

It's warmer today and the butt seems to be in place, so this may not be the most effective way to reduce the avoirdupois.