Monday, August 31, 2009

The Play's the Thing

Back in a previous life, I spent a lot of time at various theaters with my daughter Zoe. In one of her previous lives, she was headed for a career on the stage -- and she got her start with Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park. For the first couple of years, she spent a lot of time with her legs unshaved playing servant boys. Her shining moment came in a production of "Romeo and Juliet" when at the dance, questioned by Romeo about the identity of the lovely Juliet, she answered, "I know not, sir." The line was short but she had a lot of power. She could have blurted out, "You dummy, don't you know that's Juliet Capulet? You'd better am-scray before her family finds you here!" She wielded her power with discretion and never missed her line.

After she went off to school, it just wasn't the same going to the theater without her being there and being involved. So I sort of got out of the habit. In the meantime, Shakespeare in the Park moved out of Edmond and to downtown Oklahoma City.

I needed some photos of outdoor theater, so Jack, a friend, and I went downtown last Friday night to see "Twelfth Night." The weather was fabulous, the venue idyllic and the play a delight. I've been missing a lot by not enjoying all the OSP productions.

You have three more chances to see the last play of the summer season -- Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Do yourself a favor and "get thee to a ...." theater! Below is a picture of my pick for actor of the evening -- Kal Kohlman as Malvolio.

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