Sunday, August 02, 2009

More Foodie 101

One day on the Prince William County press trip, we had the option to take the train into D.C. to tour museums. Normally, I'd jump at that but, I reasoned, I wouldn't be spending enough time in D.C. to do the kind of story I like to do. So I, along with writer Shirley Moskow from Boston, opted to stay behind. Kathy Martin with the PWC/Manassas CVB offered to be our chauffeur for the day. We both wanted to return to Occoquan -- neither of us had had time to see the town on the first day of the trip.
After some other stops, we arrived in Occoquan in time for lunch at Madigan's. The day was gorgeous and eating outside was an appealing prospect. The menu offered a lot of temptations but this is prime crab country so my choices narrowed a bit. I asked for a taste of the crab chowder and our waiter brought me a small sample. I all but stuck my tongue in the cup! It was rich and creamy with plenty of crab meat and fresh vegetables. My ultimate choice was the crabcake sandwich with remoulade sauce on the side. Mmmmmm -- good choice. Lots and lots of crabmeat with little, if any, filler.

Great food, good company and the beautiful green river flowing by. It was one of those perfect moments you want to capture and save -- when everything in your immediate world seems perfect. My friend Betty Neal says this is a "Kingdom of God" moment. I love the idea that the Kingdom of God includes crabcakes!


Michelle said...

I really enjoyed your recent posts. And will have to visit again later when I have more time. In a previous post you mentioned "The Four Seasons" and it gave me a chuckle. I do remember that movie! It was clever because they are playing Vivaldi's Four Seasons throughout the movie, and I remember I liked it very much. I'll have to look for that one again. Your food and travel pics are spectacular! I am envious!

Anonymous said...

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Theresa said...

How lucky for you to spend the day with Shirley. Just spent the weekend in Vermont with her. Must have been great fun.