Saturday, August 22, 2009

And Now a Word from our Sponsor

Not really, but this is an unabashed advert for the beautiful jewelry my daughter Zoe and her friend Becca make in Penzance, England. Zoe's coming to visit in a few weeks and, if you would like to order anything, she can bring it with her and save you the cost of shipping.

I love their Celtic Lace pieces like the rose quartz and hematite bracelet and earrings above and the Crimson Lace necklace and earrings below. Each of the links is patiently hand-twisted and I love the Celtic/Cornish connection.

Zoe and Becca do a variety of pieces including necklaces like this one with a Tibetan silver puffed heart, crackle beads and a tiny seahorse dangle.

One of their cleverest ideas is a combo with earrings mounted on a piece of art (with hanger and stand on the back). The collection is called "Too Pretty to Hide" and this piece (including the five pairs of earrings) is "Target Artwear."

Please check the web site: for more details. Remember, prices are in British pounds. At the current exchange rate, each pound equals $1.65. The pieces are hand-made and one-of-a-kind. Just let Zoe ( or me know ahead of time, in case the pieces you want are already sold. She and Becca can suggest something similar or create one with colors of your choosing.


Pam said...

Gorgeous stuff! Don't need anything at the moment, but am glad your daughter gets to come home from ... PENZANCE. How lucky is she to live there. Very nice spot on this planet. Thanks for stopping by, I need to add you to the blogroll so I remember to come back often!

Elaine Warner said...

Thanks Pam. Yes, Penzance is a lovely place -- when the sun is shining. Zoe does miss the many more days of sunshine we get here -- but she'd really miss the ocean view from their apartment, too. If you get REALLY bored some day, go back to some of my England blogs to see the view from her window.