Saturday, February 16, 2008

North for the Winter

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to go to Minneapolis and St. Paul in February? Well, actually, I did. I'm doing a series of articles for Edmond Monthly/Nichols Hills News/Norman Living/Northwest Style on cities that are a non-stop flight away from Oklahoma City. Since each city means a trip and I already have a busy trip schedule for spring, a two-fer seemed like a no-brainer. My complaint about the temperature -- I spent more time being too hot than too cold! It was 11 the night I arrived, a balmy 20 the next day then a slow slide down to 8 when I left. I really bundled up -- long johns and all. I often wear long johns here in Oklahoma in the winter -- have them on now -- and I'm perfectly comfortable. Well, let me tell you, those Minnesotans keep their buildings warm! It felt good to go outside! Actually, the trip WAS a good idea. I had a great time. Now I want to go back and see both towns in their summer greenery. More about the trip in the next couple of blogs.

Photos: The shot of St. Paul featuring the Landmark Center -- a turn-of-the-center courthouse turned venue for several small museums -- and the lovely Cathedral of St. Paul was taken from my window in the St. Paul Hotel. The skyline shot of Minneapolis was taken through a window at the Guthrie Theatre. The glass in the window was yellow. I color-corrected as much as I was able and I think I did fairly well, though the sky is still a bit green!

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