Monday, February 11, 2008

Last of the King Cake

The King Cake tradition of Mardi Gras really celebrates Epiphany. The shape of the cake represents the circuitous route taken by the Magi to find the baby Jesus. Paula Stevens of Delicious Donuts in Lake Charles prepared cakes for each of the journalists on our press trip. We got to ice and decorate the cakes which were then boxed and shipped to our homes. Mine got home before I did! I chose the pecan praline filling -- excellent choice -- but the other flavors including chocolate, Bavarian cream, and fruit looked equally tasty. Paula ships cakes all over the country. I'm pretty sure I'm going to continue the tradition next year. The cake was fabulous but now it's all gone. I found the little baby doll hidden in the cake. That means I get to host the next King Cake party. I know where I'm getting it!

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