Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gold in Them Thar Hills

I'm working on an article about the Mother Lode country in California and I'm ready to pack up and go. With gold at over $970 an ounce, I think we're ready for a new gold rush. When I was in Sacramento last fall I toured a closed gold mine and was told that if the price rose high enough, the mine might reopen. California has a lot of environmental regulations that make the mining and processing very expensive. I'm writing about the area south and east of Sacramento -- around Sonora and Columbia. Going over pictures from my last trip, I found one of Linda Clark in her persona of Hard Luck Lin. At the time, she was a docent at Columbia State Historic Park. A lot of research went into creating her character. She got so involved with Lin that she's writing a book about her. Imagine -- a young girl in the California gold fields in the 1850s. It's an adventure I'm looking forward to reading.

Photo: Linda Clark a.k.a. Hard Luck Lin, "My clothes is clean but I ain't done my personals yet 'cause it ain't May!"

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