Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taste of Tulsa

One of the nights I spent in Tulsa I stayed at the Hotel Ambassador -- a renovated beauty, now Tulsa's premier boutique hotel. And I'd put it up against ANY hotel in Tulsa. It's one of my all-time faves. It's also home to the Chalkboard Restaurant, a bijou of a bistro. As I've mentioned, I'm a Weight Watcher and checking out the eateries in T-Town is tough. I've eaten at the Chalkboard in the past -- even tried its signature Beef Wellington -- so, knowing it's excellent, I thought I could get by with just an appetizer and a salad. I figured without Manager Tracy and Chef Paul. They brought me an extra appetizer and two desserts! There were four young women at the next table and I brazenly barged in and asked if they'd like to try some of the goodies. (I tried to be kind of sneaky -- I didn't want Tracy and Paul to think I didn't appreciate their consideration. I got caught but they were cool with it.) And I did taste some of everything. I ate one of the two crabcakes I'd ordered and I knew after I finished the first that if I didn't do something drastic, the second one was going to follow the first. The other appetizer was a giant sea scallop on a bed of marinated lentils, garnished with a bit of seaweed salad. The desserts were a bread pudding with white chocolate sauce and strawberries and an apricot mocha cake. Be careful when you look at the pictures. I think you can gain weight just from looking at them!

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Libba said...

Lentils?! Uh oh!