Sunday, March 29, 2009

Red, White and Blue, Blue, Blue and Leaning to the Left

Okay, if you don't think that November 4th was one of the greatest days in American history -- or if you still have your W sticker on your car, skip this post entirely. I rarely get partisan on this site but I'm about to, so be warned.

On my recent trip to Brenham, one of the stops on the schedule was at the George Herbert Walker Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Let's see, which would I rather do -- go there or have root canal? Well, I didn't have a choice. So I went and I behaved -- mostly.
I did almost lose it when I saw the sign forbidding photography in the replica Oval Office. I went to the visitors' desk and asked about permission and was sent to the front desk to a young man who was about as interested in my problem as I was in the museum. I explained that I was with the group of writers and usually we were allowed to photograph whatever we wanted. He said he was pretty sure I couldn't. I asked for the p.r. person and he told me he/she had just left. He added that in the two years he'd been there, they'd never made an exception that he knew of. Which just shows what he knows!

I have to insert here that for only $9, the docent would take my picture in the Oval Office, so there was a profit motive going on -- exactly like getting your picture with Air Force One at the Reagan Museum.

I went back to the group, my feathers as ruffled as any righteously indignant hen, and was passing on the news when the museum director walked by. We grabbed him and asked him -- and got permission.

I had Teddy, my SATW traveling teddy, with me and I took lots of pictures to send back to Mrs. Kysar's class. And, trust me, Teddy will be respectful when he blogs about the visit.
On the way out. someone asked me how I enjoyed the museum. We try not to talk politics on press trips -- but usually you know where people stand. (Oh, yeah, "liberal" media, I hear some of my r.w. friends saying -- I prefer to think of it as "educated and intelligent" media. )
I ducked the question but replied that Teddy enjoyed it a lot and went on to describe all the places Teddy had his picture taken -- sitting on GHWB's knee (okay, it was just a statue), in front of the White House play house, reading a book in the children's library, in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall. A voice from the back of the group intoned, "Tonight we must burn Teddy!"

I thought it was pretty funny. Almost as funny as the group member who wore an Obama 08 ball cap and put it on the GHWB statue for a photo!

I really don't dislike President Bush -- he served his country well in many ways. I just wish he and Barbara had been more careful with their birth control!


April said...

HA! I really enjoyed reading this post...and think you looked great behind that desk! (April from OCA!:)

Michelle said...

Such a great post! I really chuckled at that "root canal" part.