Friday, January 09, 2009

Sad News

My friend and fellow writer, Sharyn Kuneman, died. I wish I had a picture to put with this post. I see her clearly in my mind's eye -- short, strawberry-blond hair and always smiling. Whenever I saw her name on the list of journalists for an upcoming press trip I knew it would be a fun trip. She was a great traveler; never let glitches get her down and she was the first to tell a joke on herself. I remember sitting with her at breakfast in Freeport, Maine, and talking about funny things that had happened to us on trips. One of her stories was about a time she only took one pair of shoes on a trip -- and got them wet. How to dry them fast? Hmmm, how about the microwave. It seemed like a good idea until the microwave melted the glue that held the soles and the uppers together -- and, all of a sudden, she had topless bottoms! I'm glad she shared that -- sounds like something I might try -- like the time I decided to warm my pajamas in the microwave and, not realizing there was a kleenex in the pocket, set them on fire. Sharyn will be fondly remembered and greatly missed.


Margo said...

That is such sad news. I traveled with Sharyn on the Arkansas trip, she taught me how to throw the stink eye while riding in the van with Larry.

Libba said...

So I must have been on that trip, too, and I don't remember Sharyn. Debbie had sent me an email after Christmas telling me she was in hospice care. So sad :-(