Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Show Me Your Market Share

Well, this just sucks the mean weenie! Son-in-law Simon got comments from the Harper Collins editors who praised his work, Evil Unltd., then explained why they weren't interested. It won't sell. According to them, sci-fi readers don't want humor and humor readers won't read sci-fi. Tell that to Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Simon has two more books up on http://www.authonomy.com/ -- Kip Doodle and the Armchair of Lost Dreams for young readers and Tortenschloss. So if you get tired of watching football this weekend, please check in and give him a bit of a read. I like them both but think maybe there's a better chance of Kip Doodle getting published. Don't know how it will do on authonomy -- though it's in the top 20 -- because I don't know how many people check out young adult fiction.

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