Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Journalist's Idea of Hell

We were told yesterday that there would be no TV available last night!!!!! I was already having withdrawal -- no TV at my B and B and I hadn't watched CNN or read a paper since Sunday morning. Most travel writers on press trips are good sports and go with the flow. Not yesterday. The troops were definitely testy. We arrived last night at the Buffalo Outdoor Center in Ponca, Arkansas. The cabins had TV, but all but one were only working with VHS and DVD. One of the cabins was able to get PBS through a blizzard of snow on the screen. After dinner, some of us gathered in that cabin to watch the little TV with a picture so bad we couldn't read any of the graphics. But it was live; it was happening and we were able to savor history being made. A little after 10 we shared a bottle of champagne. I couldn't imagine living through the long months of the presidential campaign and not watching the election returns come in. It would have been like reading a 1000 page novel only to find the last page torn out!

I woke this morning and walked out on the front porch of my cabin. The sun was just coming up and I could see for miles across the valley and hills. What a great day!

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Libba said...

I was wondering how you'd get the news! Champagne is a lot nicer than the margaritas and queso dip my friends and I chowed down waiting for Florida!

Oh, happy, happy DAY!