Sunday, March 30, 2008

Flight of Fancy

Flying into the airstrip at Fredericksburg, Texas, is like flying back to the 1940s. Dick Estenson has created a little fantasy world with all the modern conveniences. No, that's not a hangar -- that's the Hangar Hotel. And next door is the Diner. Through the diner is a great conference space decorated with a 40s-style movie marquee and a mural of a plane landing. Entrances to two smaller meeting rooms are through quonset hut facades. In another part of the building is a nightclub that would have been right at home in the South Pacific -- they hold regular USO-type dances here. You don't have to fly in to enjoy the Hangar Hotel but what a great place to stay if you pilot a small plane. Or you can just sit in a rocking chair on the hotel's observation deck and watch the planes taking off and landing.


Anonymous said...
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Love, Music, Wine, & Revolution said...

Did you get one of the "I Sleep Like a Baby" posters?

Glad you made it through the tornadoes. I heard about those on my Dallas layover and was worried about you all!