Saturday, April 05, 2008

On the Road Again -- Almost

What a busy week!!!! Lots of catching up to do and a quick trip to Stillwater where I visited Woodland Park Winery -- they'll be featured in my first Sunday in May Edmond Sun column. I've also spent the week trying to recover from my foodie trip to Fredericksburg, Texas. Fredericksburg was always fun but they have really kicked it up a notch in the culinary department. I went to two cooking classes, sampled cheese, wine and sausage, ate at some exciting restaurants and delved into one of my not-so-secret passions -- chocolate. Fredericksburg is the home of Quintessential Chocolates. Lecia Duke learned the secret of enrobing liquid in chocolate. I don't mean thickened liquid; I mean pure-dee liquid liquid, most of the alcoholic kind. My favorite was toffee liqueur in dark chocolate. The non-alcoholic black cherry was pretty yummy, too. Visit Lecia's store, Chocolat, on Main Street and check these amazing confections for yourself. I'm off to Albuquerque in the morning -- oh, the tempting Mexican food. If Fredericksburg was dangerous to my diet, Albuquerque could be disasterous. Wish me self-control.!
Photos: Before being enrobed in chocolate, the liquids are encased in a thin sugar shell, or zuckerkrust. In addition to making the liquid-filled chocolates, Lecia also creates other chocolate treats.

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