Thursday, November 25, 2010

Family Thanksgiving

Hurray for family holidays! Today was marvelous! I think the kids topped themselves (pun intended) with their festive Thanksgiving headwear. In keeping with our usual spirit of awe and reverence concerning these occasions, Jack disgraced (pun intended) himself by including a very pointed football request in the blessing.

We welcomed the newest member of the family -- Julie's husband, Jeff Brown. I think he survived -- we'll know next month when we do this all again for Christmas.

We were glad that Carolyn's mom, Sue, and Jack's mom, Mildred, who is 97, could join us.

Austin and Alyssa. Instead of crowding around the dining table (like we usually do), since we numbered 12 now, I set up another table and we went six and six. The people at the "big" table had lots of room. At the "little" table, not so much -- but it was still better than usual and people could actually get out to go to the kitchen for seconds.

My sweet daughter-in-law Carolyn. I told her she probably wouldn't like her eyes in the picture but she said it was the best she could do on cold medicine!

Calvin, home from college. I'd mention the fact that I have the three best looking grandsons in the world, but it is so obvious it shouldn't be necessary.

And they're the most fun. That's Alex in the amazing turkey butt hat.

After dinner we went out to see Austin's new car. He turns 16 on Wednesday. He drove us around the block after announcing that, unlike me, he was going to be an excellent driver.

This was an unnecessary reference to the time when Calvin was 2 1/2 -- and a major snitch -- that he came in from an outing with me and told his mom, "Mom, Grannybird ran a yellow light. She only did it once, but I wish she wouldn't have done it."

Jay must have caught the penchant for making faces for the camera from Austin -- or is it the other way around?

Even the dog celebrated -- though she was less than thrilled at wearing the drumstick headband. It took several bites of turkey to get her over the humiliation.

After dinner -- and the ride -- we engaged in a spirited game of Apples to Apples.

Proof that I was actually in attendance!

Austin, not making a face, showing off his awesome biceps.

Somehow Jack evaded the camera most of the day but the party wouldn't have been complete without him! In spite of our lack of gravitas, we are very aware of our blessings and are thankful for all of them -- especially our family!

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