Friday, November 19, 2010

Come to the Canyon

Canyon of the Eagles northwest of Austin has been around for several years -- a great property with amazing potential. It always had "good bones" but now it has brains and heart. A new partner, Calibre, has joined with the Lower Colorado River Authority to make Canyon of the Eagles the asset it was intended to be -- a full-service nature park and resort. In this post, and the next couple to follow, take a peek at this super getaway. I loved it -- I'll bet you will, too.

My room was clean, comfortable and welcoming. (The cheese and fruit plate was a delightful surprise.) It was designed for retreat and enjoyment of the natural beauty all around. No TV to distract -- though if you just must catch up with your favorite show, there is a TV on property. I loved the down pillows and duvet -- and I didn't need the TV. I had KBAY -- "your hometown country" -- for the weather and a little Willie Nelson.

But who needs TV with a view like this? This was my porch -- the same view from my windows.

The buildings -- this is the restaurant -- blend in with the surroundings. The picture at the top of the blog shows the Canyon cottages -- taken from a boat, obviously. Canyon of the Eagles is on Lake Buchanan.

Huge window walls bring the outdoors in. I took this picture this morning before I had to leave for the airport. It was chilly last night and you can see the mist rising off the water.

My next posts will highlight activities in the park and attractions in the area. But you don't have to go anywhere or do anything to have a great time. My friend, Eileen Mattei, knows how to kick back.

One of the premier spots at the resort is Sunset Point -- the site of lots of weddings -- and the best place to watch the evening light show.

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