Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kansas City in the A.M.

For me, one of the highlights of the SATW meeting in Kansas City was participating in the Photo Shootout. We left the hotel before sunrise -- and I couldn't have found a greater group of people to get up early with. Bruce Meyer did a great job of picking photo spots. It was such fun to just shoot -- no hassling with notebooks or tape recorders -- forget the facts, just get the image. The shot at the top was one of my first -- definitely before the sun came up. The Power and Light District is Kansas City's newest arts and entertainment district but for me it was a trip down memory lane. The tall building is the Power and Light Building where my dad had an office for a number of years -- about half a century ago!

As the sun came up, we went to the Liberty Memorial -- now the site of the World War I Museum. When I was a kid we didn't have air conditioning and some summer evenings we'd drive up here. With the tall column and eternal flame and the veiled sphinxes, it was one of the most exotic places I could imagine. I still love it.

We stopped for breakfast at Succotash. It used to be in the City Market -- Jack and I ate there once several years ago. Now it's on Holmes near Hospital Hill. Funky is the only word for the decor while delicious is the only word for the food.

We ordered several different items and shared with one another. I think my choice was the absolute best -- Eggs and Crab Benedict with hash browns -- yum!

Beth Barden is the brilliant owner. The Rainbow Cake in the photo is a house specialty. Each layer is a different fruit flavor.

Our next stop was the City Market. I took the obligatory fruit and veg pics but I love this gnome who will never find a home in any article. He and a number of gnomey friends were hanging out in a seed and garden store in the market area. Here it comes; here it comes; wait for it -- THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE GNOME!


Kath Usitalo said...

GREAT pics! That was fun.

Libba said...

I love all these photos, Elaine! I have a blogger friend who lives in Kansas City and I love to read about all the fun things to do there. It's a place where I'd like to spend some time.