Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Calvin's Graduation

This whole last week has been all about Calvin. It started a week ago yesterday with the Baccalaureate service. Part of the service included each graduate's parents being asked to stand. The graduate's name was then read with its meaning and a special Bible verse. Then each student took a rose to his or her parents.

Afterwards there was a reception and lots of photos. Obviously this is Calvin with Jay and Carolyn and Cal with Jack and me.

On Monday Calvin left for the week on his senior trip to Florida. The kids went to DisneyWorld, Universal Studios and Daytona Beach. They got back on Sunday night -- in time for Monday night's graduation.

Before the graduation, there was a slide show of each student with three pictures. Here's Cal's baby photo and his current photo.

Then the students marched in and took their places in the front of the auditorium. Cal, being a W, was in the last row -- which was fortunate for photos.

Having been at OCS for 12 years, Calvin made many good friends. After receiving his diploma, he got a big hug from Headmaster Dallas Caldwell. Mr. Caldwell was a great mentor, taking personal interest in the students, and Cal admires him very much.

The tassel is moved!

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