Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Christmas Blizzard of '09

"Oh the weather outside is frightful...!" Oh, yeah. It started with rain and sleet this morning and morphed into a big snow storm. The snow's been falling for hours now and (for Oklahoma) it's gotten pretty deep -- deep enough that I offered to go look for the mail because I have snow boots and Jack just has loafers.

Roxie is frustrated because she doesn't like stuff falling on her -- especially when it's wet stuff. And how can you pee when you can't find a blade of grass? I've taken her out a couple of times but she's keeping her legs crossed as she skitters back to the door!

I can't deny that it looks beautiful. And I'm nice and cozy inside the house and watching one of my Christmas faves -- "White Christmas." Still, we won't be able to get up the driveway and go to church tonight. Don't know if we can get enough shoveled off in the morning to get to Jay's and Carolyn's to watch the boys open prezzies. They're supposed to come over here for dinner tomorrow night -- can you smell the turkey roasting? -- but who knows if they'll be able to get out of their neighborhood. For now, I'm just happy we're all inside and warm, all healthy, and we have plenty to eat. We are truly blessed.

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