Monday, September 14, 2009

Writers Gone Rogue

I know people think the life of a travel writer is just one long party but the truth is, we work long hours, rush from place to place never spending enough time to really enjoy museums or galleries, and then spend hours writing and trying to find homes for our articles in an increasingly tight market.

Are you feeling properly sorry for us? Well, everything I said is true but it's also true that we have a lot of fun -- sometimes to the point of silliness. I have to admit that my own sense of humor often sinks to fifth grade level -- you know, booger and underpants jokes. And when we can find an accomplice, so much the better. Here the elegant and sophisticated Mary Hendron cooperates in a 2008, South Dakota, nose-picking photo op. So when my buddy Libba Young promised to show me the biggest ass in Alabama -- I knew it was time for misbehavior.

The statue of Vulcan, which has stood on a bluff overlooking the city of Birmingham since the 1930s, was designed and cast by Italian artist Guiseppe Moretti in 1904. "Vulcan" is the largest cast iron statue in the world. He symbolizes the importance of industry -- particularly the iron and steel industry -- to the city. Fifty-six feet tall, mounted on a 124-foot pedestal, it's a city icon. And it's REALLY ugly. And Libba didn't exaggerate -- it has unbelievably prominent naked butt cheeks.

Be honest -- these buns were made for mockin'!

In this shot Vulcan is too remote to get the full buttockal effect but props to Libba for the interesting angle.

I gave it a shot -- better bunnage but I couldn't get Libba's face in the frame.
Were the results worth the time we spent? I definitely think so. It's always a good day when I LMAO!


Pam said...

So surely you have heard of "The Pioneer Man" statue in Ponca City? At dusk at a certain angle, the boy's arm ....

Margo said...

The first thing that came to mind was, "I hope she didn't get grass stains on the white outfit."