Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wild Week

Oh, my, what a week! Deadlines were coming out of my ears -- articles on the OKMozart festival in Bartlesville, the Norbeck Scenic Byway in South Dakota and munching my way through Fredericksburg, Texas. And Monday night, grandson Calvin competed in a speech contest sponsored by the Edmond Rotary Club. Of course I'm biased but I'm also right. He was the best. He'll be competing in the district contest in April. Needless to say his grandfather and I were proud!

Then I got a call from an editor about a guidebook to Tulsa. I'm going to do it but it scares the foo out of me -- more words than I've ever written and of course, it was due yesterday! I'm going to have to learn everything there is to know about Tulsa from the attractions and restaurants to the schools, senior facilities and yoga classes and bus schedules! Recommendations are welcome!

And last night was a great night out for Valentine's Day.

Oh, I forgot. We had a tornado. It clipped the northwest corner of Edmond -- no where near us -- but a sad week for many in the state. The weather was wonderfully warm -- part of the creation of the storm. It's gotten cold again, which I hate, but at least we're safer.


sdehesa said...

Hi Elaine -just wanted to drop you a note to say I finally made it to your blog... too fun! I could spend the rest of the day reading about your adventures! Love the Grand View Lodge photo of you peering through your snowmobile helmet -I have a few spidey pics to send your way ;) –Staci

Tulsa Tour lady said...

Your blog is fun and makes me look forward to meeting you.
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