Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lemonade award

I really appreciate getting a "Lemonade Award" from Donna at! This is supposed to reflect a blog with "attitude and/or gratitude." Now I'm supposed to nominate at least eight blogs I follow for the citrus-y honor. I had a real problem putting the logo on my site -- part of the instructions that came with the award. I tried for days -- even enlisted Jack who, for all his years with IBM and teaching MIS at OU, couldn't do it either. Today I turned the problem over to daughter Zoe in England. She did it in a manner of minutes! I don't know how, so don't ask. She's such a whiz at computers! Anyway, now I have it on here and I'm supposed to list my eight. This is going to take a little time because apparently Donna and I like a lot of the same blogs! So stay tuned, I promise to make my list within the week.

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