Thursday, October 16, 2008

Silence of the Hams

Having too much fun to blog!!!! What a treasure it is to have Zoe here -- she's the rare person who finds humor in the same things I do. I don't have to explain my jokes or the little things that strike me funny. It's so great to get the giggles together. Alas, she leaves tomorrow and a little of the light will go out of my life. But, oh my, I have loved her visit here. Just knowing she's in the house -- where I can hug her or tell her whatever pops into my head -- well, the telephone and the internet just don't quite cut it. Still, they're better than nothing. Now I want to start planning when I'll see her again. Thanks, Jack, for my great birthday present! Sending her the ticket to come visit was the best present I ever received.

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Libba said...

I am so glad you two are enjoying yourselves. It brings joy to my heart.