Thursday, October 02, 2008

Flyin' to Florida

Just arrived in beautiful Rosemary Beach, Florida, having survived a flight not checking my luggage! Fortunately, both planes were small so my carry-on, which was technically legal but I had great doubts about being able to hoist into the overhead bins, got gate-ticketed (no charge) and all I had to worry about was schlepping it through the Memphis airport. Thank goodness, my suitcase has four multi-directional wheels -- so much easier than the two-wheeled draggers. I'm waiting now for my carriage house to be ready -- about 15 minutes -- and then, though I'd love to hit the beach, I will probably hit the grocery store for a few supplies for breakfast. THEN, beach with the most gorgeous blue water, here I come! Eat your hearts out!!!!!!!!

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Libba said...

I'm so jealous!! The beach, AND a multi-week-long damen fest with Zoe?!?!?!?