Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Thank You for the Music

I've just seen the movie "Mamma Mia" for the fourth time -- last night was the sing-along version. The scenery is fabulous and I don't care what anyone says, Abba wrote songs you can sing. If you can sit through this movie and keep your feet from tapping, wake up, you're dead! Yes, the plot's contrived. Some of the acting is less than wonderful. Some of the singers are less than wonderful. But, taken all together, I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! And, it has the oh-so-handsome, be-still-my-heart, my number one tub-worthy COLIN FIRTH. Is the day gray -- go to sunny Greece with "Mamma Mia" -- I guarantee, you'll feel better. And so I say, "Thank you for the music...."


Libba said...

It's just because of Colin, be honest with yourself.

You should travel to Stockholm and go to the ABBA museum! The movie had just premiered when I was there and Meryl Streep had JUST checked out of the Grand Hotel (where I was staying.)

FOUR times?!

Laxmi Aruzil said...

So near, and yet so far!!!

When I was a teenager (and at the height of my ABBA fandom) we went to Lindsborg, Kansas, where one of the shopkeeper's second cousin x times removed (or something like that) had once met the band. I felt like I was speaking to royalty.

I've only seen the film once (so far). And a lot of the appeal IS Colin. But also the scenery and the music. Of course, the fact that the plot revolves around a *child* getting married makes me feel so old. Like when I realised that the DMV was apparently giving drivers licenses to third graders.