Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Mexico 2

What an amazing day! We went to Bandelier, a gorgeous national monument in a canyon -- home to ancient Pueblo people. I was dreading the hike -- but it was great. Some climbing, but not too much. I even made it up a ladder to a kiva. I was so proud of myself that I passed my camera down and asked Cathy Admire, one of the Geiger associates, to take my picture. I was very specific about her waiting until I turned around to snap it. She took not one but three shots of my butt backing out of the kiva! Looked like a giant blue bear coming out of hibernation. I don't know where; I don't know when, but she will get hers.
Later this afternoon we met a delightful brother and sister, Krieg Kalavaza and Diane Jenkins, at the San Ildefonso Pueblo. They are potters and gave us a detailed demonstration of their art. I wish I could have bought one of their pots but someone asked the price of a medium sized pot on the table and their answer told me I probably couldn't even afford a thimble! The process to make the pots was extremely time consuming -- they even gather their own clay -- and the finished products are truly works of art so the price wasn't unreasonable. Just didn't fit my purse!
They were so gracious about sharing traditions and beliefs. When they gather the clay, they only gather as much as they will use for one project. Krieg said that the clay didn't belong to them but to Mother Earth. So, even though it means many trips with small containers, they have this deep respect for the source of their materials. They also prepared iced tea and cookies for us. The demonstration was in Kreig's home where they grew up. We were also allowed to take all the pictures we wanted. It was a real honor to be invited into their world.

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