Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bev and I Get Religion

My friend Bev Schmoyer and I hit the road to see her grand-daughter Haley in performances with Drum Corps International in Wichita and Pittsburg, Kansas. We went to the high school field where Haley's corps, the Crossmen, was practicing -- in 104-degree heat. Those kids are amazing. They worked all day then donned hot uniforms to perform in the evening. Here are Haley and her fellow pit members -- they play the percussion instruments that don't march. Haley is third from the left in the middle row. Crossmen placed third that night -- but I thought they were the best!

The next day we headed for Pittsburg to see the performance there. I planned to make a couple of stops for research. This one wasn't planned but when we saw the name of the town on the map, we knew we had to make a detour! It's a teeny town -- just a few houses and a couple of brick buildings and the Methodist Church. Of course we were looking for the perfect sign to pose by, but the pickings were slim and we had to settle for the church -- mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa -- we couldn't help ourselves!

The Crossmen performance that night was excellent -- 'though they still placed third (behind the two corps which had beaten them the night before). If you look carefully, Haley is playing the farthest marimba on the right.

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