Saturday, July 12, 2008

Alley Cat

I had an adventure in Cleveland last night. I was the last person on the chartered bus -- it was a huge bus -- and the only one going to the Radisson. Everybody else had been dropped off. I've been turned around all week because everytime we went somewhere, we would drive for blocks, then someone would say "And your hotel's just over there." I never knew whether I was coming or going, which way was north or south -- I was geographically clueless all week. Anyway, the bus driver decided to take a short cut taking me back to my hotel (which was close enough that I could see the park from my bedroom window) and he got caught in the game traffic. He couldn't turn left where he wanted to so he said, "I can't take you to your hotel but if you get out here, it's just down that street." NOT!!!!! I went the way I thought he pointed and wound up back at the ballpark -- which was getting pretty deserted (it was close to midnight). Now, I knew the hotel was close, but I had no idea which side of the ballpark I was on. There were some police taking up traffic cones and getting ready to pack it in for the night so I stood on the street corner and yelled at them, "I need some help! I'm lost!" I'm also deaf, I guess, because I couldn't hear the instructions the police woman yelled back at me. She finally had to get out of her car and come over to say, "If you go down that street and cut through that parking garage, you'll get there." So I headed in that direction. Now, I wasn't really excited about cutting through a parking garage by myself at night! Halfway down the block, there was a ball park guy sweeping up so I asked him if I was headed in the right direction. Good thing I asked because the trick to going through the parking garage was not to go through it but go into it and turn right. Ackkk! "You can go straight down that alley," he pointed, "and you'll come out on the street you want. Just turn left and you'll see your hotel." Actually, the alley seemed like a better option than the parking garage! The alley was a block long -- but, fortunately, no perverts behind trash cans. And, obviously, I made it back safely. I DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!

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Margo said...

Did the alley smell like pee? If I had been there, I would have gladly carried you on my back like Mini Me.