Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Sad Tail

The Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks is one of my favorite Oklahoma attractions so that's where I went yesterday while Jack sat in a meeting on investing. It was a good choice because I hadn't been there since they added a new exhibit on Oklahoma mammals -- featuring beavers, otters and raccoons.

Here's the bad news -- I went at nap time! I did get to see the beavers in their den, on beavercam. One was sleeping, the other giving himself a good scratch. The raccoons were curled up on a couple of high rocks, sacked out -- just a couple of furry lumps. The otters were totally invisible.

I did manage to see the sharks being fed -- and the electric eel and the archer fish. The aquarium now offers a lot more opportunities to see the fish in action and several pools, the tidal pool, the touch pool, the turtle pool and the sting ray pool provide chances to touch or feed some of the animals.

Watching the electric eel was shocking! The aquarium installed a speaker in the tank and when the eel gets fed, he gets so excited that he discharges electricity. This causes static in the speaker and it sounds like a giant stomach rumbling!

To feed the archer fish, the keeper put krill on the glass of the aquarium and the archer fish spit water at the pieces of food to knock them down. I was so busy trying to catch the spitting with the camera that I didn't get to just stand and watch! And I missed the spit every time!

I did better with the jelly fish -- I love the jelly fish.

Before I left, I went back to check on the beavers. One of them had come out of the den but was trying really hard to get back in. All I got in my shot was beaver butt!

Here's a hint: The beavers and otters are fed at 11 and 3 daily. If you want to see mammal action, that's the time to be there.

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