Monday, January 21, 2008

Okies Hit Mo(o)town

One hundred and twenty longhorn steers from Oklahoma paraded through downtown Detroit to help introduce the new Dodge Ram truck last week. (Wouldn't sheep have been more appropriate?) It took four semis and three one-ton trucks hauling trailers to get the cattle, cowboys and horses over a thousand miles to their destination. Media outlets all featured shots of the cattle drive and coverage was extensive, if not always accurate. One paper wrote about the bulls (need a sex check?) and several were fascinated with the bored steer who decided to give the crowd a little X-rated entertainment. Still, it was good to see Oklahoma's Chain Ranch getting some great publicity.

This was just part of the hoopla surrounding the North American International Auto Show -- Detroit's biggest do. Over 700 vehicles -- both concept and in production -- vied for attention in the massive Cobo Center. I attended the black-tie, charity preview where ball gowns and jewels were de rigueur. The event was topped off with a rockin' Barenaked Ladies concert. I capped my evening by catching my toe on a rug seam and falling flat on my face. Falling down is a great way to be the center of attention -- but I don't recommend it!

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