Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oklahoma Travel

Oklahoma Travel
O is for Oklahoma and Ohio Amish

As I mentioned in my Edmond Sun article, the Amish group tours are probably not the best bets for traveling with younger children. The best way to learn more about the Amish and let your kids absorb at their own level is to visit the Yoder's Amish Home on State Route 515, close to Millersburg in Holmes County, Ohio. This 116-acre Amish farm has lots to attract the visitor. You can tour both an 1866 Amish home and a contemporary one. Take a ride in an Amish buggy; pet farm animals; see an Amish school house or just swing on a swing underneath the big trees. Yoder's is open from mid-April through October. Call (330)-893-2541 for more information.

Here in Oklahoma, the largest concentration of Amish is around the eastern Oklahoma town of Chouteau. You can buy Amish cheeses produced both locally and from other communities at the Amish Cheese House. Amish baked goods are available at Ropp's while Amish-style meals are served at the Dutch Pantry. If you're traveling with a group, contact the Chamber of Commerce (918) 476-8222 about dining in an Amish home.

Every year people flock to Clarita (this year it's September 9th) for the Amish Auction, Crafts and Antique Show at the Ben Troyer farm. Call (580) 428-3458 for more information.

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