Saturday, November 01, 2014

Welcome back, me!

I can't believe it!  After being locked out of my blog for over a year.....I'm back.  And now I don't have time to catch up.  So here are some  teaser photos that will show up in the future when I start filling in my adventures.  I chose one from each of the nine trips out of state that I've taken so far this year.  Can you match the photos to the locations?  Your choices are:  Louisville, KY; Galveston, TX; Healdsburg, CA; Cornwall, UK; Door County, WI: Dallas, TX; Shreveport, LA; Adairsville, GA; and St. Louis, MO -- that's an easy one!

1 comment:

Laxmi Aruzil said...

I could identify the Cornish one, but it feels like cheating.