Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colorful Cornwall

It's actually not very colorful right this minute -- our first really rainy day, which out of 10 so far, is pretty darned good. So today's post is all about colorful sites around town. I love the movie with Alan Alda and Carol Burnett -- never can remember if its The Seasons or Four Seasons -- but in it, Sandy Dennis' character is a photographer going through a vegetable phase. I totally get it.

Who could resist these romanescu -- looks like the mutant child of a match between broccoli and cauliflower!

Huge leeks! Obviously a do-it-yourself joke opportunity!

Savoy cabbage -- great color, texture, vitamin packed -- ugh!

Purple cauliflower? Hmmm. A turnip in the woodpile perhaps?

A number of the stalls have fresh flowers.

And here the flower of British womanhood stands up for the fight against breast cancer. Love the trim on the umbrella!

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Pete Sleeper said...

Beautiful photos!