Monday, January 04, 2010

Tacky Joke

Okay, here's one of my favorite jokes and it really describes my feeling about my day --
This guy dies and goes to hell and the devil is showing him around. "You have a choice as to where you want to spend eternity, so consider the options carefully," he counsels the new arrival. The devil opens a door and the newcomer looks in. Inside are hundreds of tormented souls being prodded by little devils with pointed pitchforks. Moving on to the next room, he sees a large group of people hopping up and down on glowing coals. Looking in a third door, he sees a room with, to be delicate, poo up to his knees. Small groups of people are sitting around picnic tables chatting, smoking and drinking coffee. It's not pleasant but, considering the alternatives, he says to the devil, "I think I'll stay here." "Are you sure?" the devil asks him. "Yes, " he answers, "this is my choice." "Okay," says the devil as he turns to leave. Just before shutting the door, the devil sticks his head back in and shouts, "Okay, everybody, coffee break's over. Back on your heads!"
I've spent the last week and a half frittering my time away. Did I work ahead so that I was not up against deadlines? Nope. So today, my coffee break was over.

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