Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

The older I get, the longer I like to spread out my birthday. I just had the second day of it. Yesterday I was in Prince William County, Virginia, on a press trip. First big birthday treat yesterday was an email from Jack. Then, at the Marine Museum in Quantico, the press group -- and our Marine docent -- sang Happy Birthday to me in the rotunda of the museum. What a neat surprise. But then at dinner, the restaurant brought out a big dessert with extra spoons and the group sang again and gave me a neat card they'd all signed. So I felt well and truly celebrated yesterday.
I called Jay when I got into town today and he sang to me and he, Carolyn, Austin, Calvin and Alexander came over tonight with prezzies. Tomorrow I'll talk to Zoe and she'll sing to me, too.
I love my birthday!!!!


Pete Sleeper said...

Happy Happy Bday!

Elaine Warner said...

So far I've been sung to every day since my real birthday -- five days! Of course, I'm shameless -- I did have to ask for it today.

Margo said...

and we love you, Elaine

Anonymous said...

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