Monday, May 05, 2008

The Ultimate Oyster

I'm not a fan of raw oysters so going to the cradle of Florida's oyster industry didn't really excite me. Franklin County (Apalachicola) produces 90 % of Florida's oyster crop and 10 % of all the oysters consumed in the U.S. I made sure that I ate plenty of seafood -- shrimp particularly -- at every meal except breakfasts. And I did eat fried oysters and baked oysters and oyster chowder. Then, on one of the boat trips, Justin anchored the boat, jumped out and picked oysters right off the bottom of the bay. He shucked them right then and passed them around -- also providing crackers and hot sauce. At first, I declined, then decided I could be a good sport. Wow! Talk about fresh and tender. Even my friend Mary from Baltimore swore they were better than Chesapeake Bay oysters. They were really good. Not good enough that I'll order raw oysters in a restaurant but if I'm ever on a boat in Apalachicola Bay again.....

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