Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My, Oh My, Oh Manchester

Manchester, England, was the queen city of the industrial revolution. It's amazing the mechanical devices and scientific discoveries that came from here. If I'd toured the Museum of Science and Industry, I could tell you all about them. Instead, I visited the Dr. Who exhibit! Today Manchester is a commercial, retail and sports hub and a great place to visit. Solid, substantial buildings, monuments to manufacturing glory (but with the flourishes and embellishments that herald economic power) stand next to avant-garde architectural extravagances that signal Twenty-first century success. This is a great town for walking and exploring. It also has lots and lots of trees and beautiful flowers. I've never seen such happy begonias. The city's so on top of what's in that they even have a shop named "Oklahoma." I'm so pleased that we came here for the Society of American Travel Writers convention. What a great choice!

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