Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Panda moanium

When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I wrote in my latest Edmond Sun column that there are 10 giant pandas in U.S. zoos. I was quickly brought up to date by emails to the editor. There's been a panda population explosion -- there are now 20% more pandas -- bringing the total to 12. There are four pandas in San Diego, three in Washington, D.C., three in Atlanta and two in Memphis (with a possible baby on the way). Mea culpa!

To read the article, please go to

There were a couple of editorial errors in the story -- those weren't my culpas! If you read it -- there are 24 Israeli scrolls in the San Diego exhibit -- 10 of these have never been on public view. There are also three scrolls from Jordan. The Russian materials are not Dead Sea Scrolls but very ancient texts. And the prices quoted in the paragraphs about the U.S. Grant Hotel refer to the nightly rate -- not the cost of the headboards!!!!!

Other than that, enjoy!

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